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Meditations For Relaxation

Meditation for Sleep

This is a meditation designed to help you fall asleep.

Relaxing The Body

This is a body relaxation meditation based of the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique. It helps to release tension and stress that stores in the body.

Meditation For Calming Anxiety

This is a short meditation to help calm and release anxiety.

Breath meditation

This is a short and simple meditation with a focus on the breath. It will help kick you out of the monkey mind and into the mind of relaxed awareness.

The Ring Infuser

10 min.

This is an adaptation of the ring body scan. In this meditation you will use a ring to infuse your body with a quality of your choosing.

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Nightly Grounding

This is a meditation to help ground and recover your energy.

3 Part Breath Work

This is a 3 part breath work meditation that calms the mind and body and deepens the breath. 

Mindful Breath Work For Relaxation

These are two entry level breath work meditations that are designed for relaxation.

Clearing Excess Energy

This is a grounding technique that is best used at night, at the end of the work day, or after intense interactions to release any excess energy that you might have picked up.

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