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For the kiddos

Mindful Ways For Youngsters To Live

Mindfulness and meditation for kids as young as five can help decrease anxiety, create body awareness, and establish a healthy relationship with emotions leading to better overall emotional expression. 


In a fast pace, busy world, moments of rest and relaxation are paramount for the brain and for the soul! Meditaiton and mindfulness practices are a great way to establish a deep foundation of the self before the craziness of the world takes its hold.

What They Will Learn


Deep breathing and other breath work

Body relaxation techniques

Different ways to handle emotions

Where emotions live in the body

Calming visualizations

Healthy conflict resolution techniques

Much more!

How It All Works


Sessions are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on scheduling and frequency of sessions​

Each child will receive a pre-loaded MP3 player (not internet accessible) that will be theirs to keep. This will have various meditations, with more being added each week. This puts the power in their hands to meditate when they want to and need to.

For young children sessions will have a heavy focus on mindful games. However, breath work and brain discussion is always included no matter what age.

During each session children will be given real-life ways to implement mindfulness and meditation in their lives.

Depending on age range, some children like to have sessions with siblings or friends!

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