Today's Tiny Little Practice

Resting in Completion
About Tiny Little Practice
Here at Sacred and Simple we are all about making meditation and mindfulness a way of life, rather than just a practice you come to. 
The goal is to make the experience of washing dishes or driving in traffic, be the exact same as when you are sitting on your meditation cushion.  In other words - to carry the highest level of presence in everything you do all the time.
The goal of the "Tiny Little Practice" Project is to help you do just that.  These are 90 second to 2 minute tiny little practices that are recorded and posted daily from myself and a friend.
Use them however you see fit - potentially first thing in the morning, throughout the day, multiple times throughout the day, when you are feeling angry or overwhelmed by emotion - the options are truly endless.

The Archive

  • 01/ Presence

    First Session of Tiny Little Practice

  • 02/ Presence

    Coming Back to Your Intentions

  • 03/ Presence

    True Presence

  • 04/ Presence

    Living Embodied

  • 05/ Presence

    Settling Into Your Skin

  • 06/ Presence

    Disengaging The Thinking Mind

  • 07/ Presence

    Looking with Love

  • 08/ Presence

    Settling Into Stillness

  • 09/ Presence

    Free of Distraction

  • 10/Transformation

    The Alchemy of Transformation

  • 11/Transformation

    Disposing of Self

  • 12/Transformation

    Letting Go of Identity

  • 13/Transformation

    Awareness Leads to Change

  • 14/Transformation

    Transformation Through Presence

  • 15/Transformation

    A Process For You To Follow

  • 16/Transformation

    Inevitable Transformation

  • 17/Modes of Being

    2 Modes of Being

  • 18/Modes of Being

    Breath of the Ocean

  • 19/Modes of Being

    Awareness Comes First

  • 20/Modes of Being

    Be Aware of the Next Breath Arriving

  • 21/Emotions

    Do This When You're Angry

  • 22/Emotions

    Emotions are Transient

  • 23/Emotions

    Generating a Feeling of Love

  • 24/Emotions

    Transforming Negative Emotions

  • 25/Emotions

    Finding Your Center

  • 26/Grace

    Catching Grace

  • 27/Grace

    Grace: An Act of Openness

  • 28/Grace

    Grace is Space

  • 29/Grace

    Release Analysis

  • 30/Making Deals


  • 31/Making Deals

    Making a Deal With Life

  • 32/Making Deals

    A Vibrant Life

  • 33/Making Deals

    Connect With Yourself

  • 34/Making Deals

    2 Mins for Focus

  • 35/The Magical, The Mundane

    Imbuing The Mundane with Magic

  • 36/The Magical, The Mundane

    Shift Your Energy

  • 37/The Magical, The Mundane

    Say Yes To Life

  • 38/The Magical, The Mundane

    Make Your Distractions Meaningful

  • 39/Identity

    Letting Go of the Past

  • 40/Identity

    Anchoring Into True Self

  • 41/Identity

    Purify The Moment

  • 42/Identity

    Stop Analyzing the Past

  • 43/Identity

    Shedding Layers

  • 44/Dependence

    Deep Okayness

  • 45/Dependence

    Free Your Mind

  • 46/Dependence

    Connect With Your Heart

  • 47/Dependence

    Flowing With The Breath

  • 48/Change

    Accepting Change

  • 49/Change

    Overcoming Suffering

  • 50/Change

    Seeing Change Clearly

  • 51/Change

    Shedding Shame

  • 52/Trust

    Trust In The Now

  • 53/Trust

    Living in Harmony

  • 54/Trust

    Facing Challenges