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Don't just live...thrive.

 Customized brain-based meditation and mindfulness programs for all ages.

Change the way you think, act, and communicate. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and sustained emotional stability.


A 4-Month Transformative Program

Thriving Mindfully is a 4 month program for adults who are interested in learning about meditation and mindfulness and adopting them as a way of life.

This program will change your state of mind entirely.

When you change your mind, you change your thoughts.

When you change your thoughts you change your actions.

And when your actions in the world change, YOU change the world!

Thriving Mindfully

It’s not about NOT thinking; it’s about how we’re relating to the thinking.



We offer a transformative mindfulness and meditation program for teens.

An analysis published in the journal Mindfulness found that compared with other students of varying ages, high schoolers benefited the most from mindfulness.

The focus is to give teens a shame free, no-judgement zone in which to connect with themselves, relax and explore more of what makes them feel happy and alive.


A mindfulness practice early on in life can create lasting effects far into adulthood.

We teach children, starting at age 5, simple mindfulness techniques  through the use of games and activities.

Through these techniques they will better learn how to navigate confusing emotions.

Check out the YouTube channel @ Mindfulness with Sayla and Carisa

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