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Mindfulness and Breath

Breath Meditation

8 min.

This is a short and simple meditation with a focus on the breath. It will help kick you out of the monkey mind and into the mind of relaxed awareness.

Beginner Mindfulness Meditation

10 minutes

This meditation introduces beginners to mindfulness.

Releasing Stress

7 min.

This is a wonderful, short, and effective guided visualization appropriate for all ages that helps to release stress and negative emotions.

The Ham Sah Meditation

10 minutes

This meditation uses the universal mantra Ham Sah. Ham Sah follows our natural breath and can be powerful in setting intentions and in manifesting more of what we want in our life.

Naming Your Thoughts

8 minutes

This is a mindfulness meditation that helps to keep the mind focused on the breath using the mindfulness technique called "Name Your Thoughts".

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Intro to Breath Tutorial

3 minutes

This is a short tutorial that teaches you basic breathing techniques. This is a helpful tutorial to start with if you're new to meditation or breath work.

Entry Level Breath Work

9 min.

This is an entry level meditation that explores relaxing breath work.

3 Part Breath Work

10 min.

This is a 3 part breath work meditation that calms the mind and body and deepens the breath. This is also a great breath to do before bed.

5 Senses Mindfulness Meditation

This is an open-eyed meditation that uses your 5 senses to calm the mind.

Pranayama For Vitality

This is a meditation with more intense breath-work.  It is great for cleaning your "house" or your body - clearing out toxicity.

Present Breathing

11 min.

This is a meditation that will integrate your mind and body as one bringing you into full presence. 

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