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For Beginners

Mindfulness Meditation

This is a simple mindfulness meditation that is geared toward beginner meditators. It will help relax and calm the mind using the breath.

Entry Level Breath Work

This is a sweet and simple meditation designed to introduce you to relaxing breath work.

Anywhere, Anytime Meditation

7 min.

This is a meditation that is designed to be done anywhere or anytime.

5 Senses Mindfulness Meditation

This is an open-eyed meditation that uses your 5 senses to calm the mind.

Naming Your Thoughts

This is a mindfulness meditation to help beginners focus the mind by using a specific technique called "Name Your Thoughts".

Smile Meditation

This is a super simple meditation that involves smiling and will make you feel instantly better!

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Intro Breath Tutorial

This is a short tutorial that teaches you basic breathing techniques. This is a helpful tutorial to start with if you're new to meditation.

Clearing Negativity

This meditation is designed to clear negativity, fear, and pain from you body using color visualizations.

Clearing Excess Energy

This is a grounding technique that is best used at night, at the end of the work day, or after intense interactions to release any excess energy that you might have picked up.

8 Minute Breath Meditation

This is a short and simple meditation with a focus on the breath. It will help kick you out of the monkey mind and into the mind of relaxed awareness.

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