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For Teens


Meditation for Sleep

11 min.

This is a meditation designed to help you fall asleep.

Breath Work 101

9 minutes

This meditation begins to explore relaxing breath work. This is a great meditation to do after listening to the Intro Breath Tutorial.

Releasing Stress

7 min.

This is a wonderful, short, and effective guided visualization appropriate for all ages that helps to release stress and negative emotions.

Releasing Anxiety

10 minutes

This is a short meditation for releasing anxiety from the mind and body.

The Smile Meditation

8 minutes

This is a super simple meditation that involves smiling and will make you feel instantly better!

Naming Your Thoughts

8 minutes

This is a simple mindfulness meditation using a specific technique called "Name Your Thoughts" to keep the mind focused.

The Ring Infuser

10 min.

This is an adaptation of the ring body scan. In this meditation you will use a ring to infuse your body with a quality of your choosing.

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Intro Breath Tutorial

3 minutes

This is a short tutorial that teaches you basic breathing techniques. This is a helpful tutorial to start with if you're new to meditation.

Beginner Mindfulness Meditation

10 min.

This is a meditation designed to introduce teens to meditation.

Releasing Negativity

10 min.

This is a simple meditation using color visualizations that is designed to help you release negativity and feel more relaxed and calm. This is a great meditation to use in times of stress.

Clearing Excess Energy

8 min.

This is a grounding technique that is best used at night, at the end of the work day, or after intense interactions to release any excess energy that you might have picked up.

Happy Place Meditation

15 min.

This meditation is about going to a happy place that you create in your own mind.

Meditation for Injury

11 min.

This is a meditation for healing around a physical injury.

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