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For Teens

Meditations Designed For The Crazy Way Life Happens

In the teen meditation and mindfulness program we cover various topics to help teens cope with life.

The program is tailored to each individual as we know each teenager is experiencing such a wide range of life events.

The goal is to help teens explore who they are, learn to manage their emotions, and build a strong foundation in a safe and judgement-free zone.

Below you can check out some of the major topics we cover.

Sessions are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on scheduling and frequency of sessions.

Twice a week is highly recommended, but not required to see benefits.

Each teenager will receive a pre-loaded MP3 player that will be theirs to keep. This will have various meditations, with more being added each week.

Topics We Cover

Sports Performance - How To Access The Flow State

How to Conquer Test Taking

Bouncing Back - Learning To Be More Resilient

Mindfulness As a Way of Life - Exploring Mindfulness in All We Do

Relaxation Techniques For Mind & Body

Gratitude: Rewiring Your Brain For Happiness

Confidence - Busting Through The Myths of Confidence

Overcoming Anxiety

Rising Above - Learning To Surrender and Let Go Of The Little Things

Compassion: Living From Your Heart

Anger: Taming the Beast

How It All Works

Teens will learn different techniques in the topics above via meditation. During each session a new meditation technique will be presented that can be directly translated into use in daily life.

While some teens are super dedicated to their meditation practice everyday, we also work with teens that aren't ....and the benefits are still there! We present "feel-good" techniques in session and create a positive experience around dealing with emotions, self-soothing, etc.


Then when stressful and challenging situations occur, teens will naturally begin to implement the techniques they learned into their lives on their own because of the positive experience they've already had around these techniques.

Most teens tell me "Well, I take a deep breath because it makes me feel good!" or "I practice cancel cancel because it helps me to let go of negative thoughts."

I'd love to walk you deeper through the process so don't hesitate to reach out!

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