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Thriving Mindfully

Powerfully transform yourself.

The Thriving Mindfully program will move you toward a deep interconnectedness that forms emotional stability, sustainable happiness, and a deep sense of well being.

And its not just for the special or lucky or "deeply spiritual" ones. It's available to everyone - including and especially you.

Anchor into yourself and the world cannot harm you.

In this 4-month deep dive program you will learn:
-The foundations for a life long meditation practice
-Mental discipline
-Mindfulness techniques for stress and anxiety reduction
-Problem solving by going within
-How to reprogram the nervous system for a natural state of calm and healing
-How to reprogram memories so you are less triggered
-How to implement many different positive psychology techniques to change your inner dialogue.
-Self-inquiry practices
-How to improve your emotional intelligence.
-How to handle triggers better.
-Compassion, kindness, and forgiveness techniques to improve your relationship with others
-Energy work - how to ground, move around, release, and bring in the energy in and around your body

How you respond to a situation makes the difference: you can't control what happens, just how you respond to it.

More About The Program:


Month 1: You'll learn the foundations of meditation and mindfulness and begin implementing these practices immediately with noticeable results.

Month 2: Dedicated to emotions. What they are, how to deal with them, new tools to process them. In this phase we move deep into emotional stability.

Month 3: Mindfulness in everything we do. You'll learn effective communication, listening, and present-moment navigation through the world 

Month 4: Others focused. We will work on cultivating compassion, delve into forgiveness and deepen the connection we have with others.


This program is a one-on-one program that meets once a week in-person or online.


You will receive a guidebook to keep you on track as well as audio recordings for each day.

"I didn't think it was possible to have fewer thoughts!" - Anne C.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: I can't meditate.  I've tried it before and my mind races too much.

A: I hear this one a lot!  Don't worry.  If your mind races, meditation is especially for you.  The systematic approach I have created has successfully gotten every single one of my students into a steady meditation practice.  Even the people who tell me they can't meditate for one minute - the first day they will be meditating with ease for 7 minutes (at least)!

Q: I've tried meditation on an app.  It sometimes works, but I can't seem to get into it.

A: I love meditation apps - for after you've established a foundational meditation practice.  Most of my students are those that have tried to start a meditation practice with apps with little success.  In the beginning, a meditation practice requires a fair amount of explanation and back and forth discussion.  I find this to be a real challenge with apps.  Also - not all minds are designed for every type of meditation, so talking through your experiences with someone is crucial in the beginning.

Q: I can't seem to keep a regular meditation practice.

A: For this very reason I am big on establishing meditation as a way of life, not just a formal practice you come to once or twice a day.  The program has two major components: your formal sit and your daily practice.  Your formal sit is where you will begin to practice a certain technique.  Your daily practice is where you actually put it into use throughout your day.  Your daily practice is as important if not more important than your formal sit.  Once you establish meditation as a way of life, the issue of keeping a "regular practice" immediately vanishes.

Q: Do you offer group meditations?


A: I work primarily one-on-one because of the individual aspects of the mind. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another, especially in meditation.  Some people are better suited to guided visualization, some like lots of talking, others like no talking, etc.  Also the one-on-one experience allows each individual to talk about their experience over the week and for us to be able to dive deep and talk about whats going on.

Q: How much time will this take, I'm incredibly busy!

A:  This program is designed to work in anyones life! Whether you have and are willing to dedicate an hour to your meditation practice, or just a few minutes - or even just a single breath!  Your homework will include (1) formal meditations (anywhere from 7-20 min.), your (2) daily practice that is implemented throughout your day in the moment, and (3) established morning and evening routines.  I have clients that are busy parents, college and high school students, entrepreneurs, 9-5'ers - and each has successfully completed the homework.

Don't see your question answered here?  Feel free to drop me a note!

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