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How To Introduce Mindfulness Into Your Home

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You can introduce mindfulness techniques to children as young as 5.

Mindfulness is a wonderful way to help children relax, cope with emotions, and connect with themselves.

These techniques are also a huge benefit to the family as a whole.

To introduce mindfulness into your home, begin with moments of silence and stillness where you take a deep breath or two. That could be:

  • Before you eat a meal

  • When you get in the car before you turn on the radio

  • Between activities (especially if you have a busy day)

  • Before bed

  • When you wake up

Silence is where so many amazing things happen. Silence is where we connect with our emotions, where we have the ability to relax, and where we learn to respond rather than react when dealing with difficult situations. Silence is how the innate wisdom within comes through.

Yet we can be so uncomfortable in silence. This practice helps you, your child and your family get used to small moments of silence and set the tone for deeper mindfulness techniques.

Enjoy the silence!


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