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Another Discovery of The Genius Within

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I love sharing stories like this one because they are continual and profound examples of how everything we need truly exists within us. It reminds us that we can truly trust ourselves. It is a show of faith to whatever it is that we believe in, that is within us and all around us.

It's Week 6 for my young meditation student Jack. He's an 18 year old triathlete, driven, smart, passionate, and incredibly devoted to the practice of meditation.

Breath work has been integrating into his life in a really organic way, with a special twist that he adds that includes his own faith.

I've just taught him a special technique for stopping thoughts, which he has been instructed to practice diligently everyday for the last 2 weeks.

When I see him, he's all smiles.

"How'd it go this week?' I ask him.

"I really enjoyed the practice, my mind got so still this week," he replies.

He goes on to describe how he had been working on college applications this past week. One evening he sat down for his meditation and the practice of stopping his thoughts.

"All of a sudden I knew what I needed to write for my college application essay."

Ah ha! There it was. That moment where the genius within comes forth. That moment of complete quietness - the mind devoid of chaotic and excessive thoughts that allows something deeper to come through.




These moments remind me of the importance of disciplining the mind so that we can hear something much deeper....the soul.

Much Love,


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