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Week 3: Body Sensation

 Remapping The Brain

Your body has an incredibe amount of sensation happening all the time. However, we've largely told our brains that it's not important and not to pay attention to it.

This week is all about connecting back with that sensation and back with yourself. It's about filling yourself with your awareness and presence.

It's taking our work of connecting to the ever present stillness within, even deeper.

It you can't feel anything in certain areas of your body at first, don't be alarmed! This is very normal. Stay with the practices and more and more sensations will arise.

Lastly, there are a few extra meditations. The Ring Infuser is an adaptation of the ring body scan. In this meditation you will use a ring to infuse your body with a quality of your choosing.

There is also other meditations to help you feel sensations in your bodies in different ways.  Try them all!

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