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Week 2: Body Relaxation

 Connecting With The Ever Present Stillness Within

This week we go deeper into being with the body.

It is incredibly important that we learn to relax the body. Most of us have forgotten how!

When the body is relaxed it is in a state of healing and release.

Additionally we can connect with the stillness within us that is ever present - the stillness that is there before thought, emotion, and perception about the world. It is a stillness that is there all the time and can be tapped into in a moments notice.

Daily Practice

Familiarize yourself with this still place and access it many times throughout your day. This will be an important component later on as we explore what the "self" is.

You can use the squeeze and release method if you find it helpful, or just find 10 times throughout your day to consciously relax your body.

You might also begin to notice when your body is tense and take a moment to relax then as well.

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