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Programs Designed for Liberation


What is Liberation?

Liberation is freedom from suffering.

We suffer when we are cut off from experiencing the joy of who we truly are.

We suffer when we are not in touch with the pleasure that is hard-wired into our bodies.

We suffer when our minds are stuck in cultural, familial, and societal narratives and conditioning.

What has life told you about who you are and who you are not?


What has life told you bout who you can be and what you have to suppress?

It's time to free yourself.


Hi, I'm Carisa

I've been studying and practicing Tantra, meditation, and wisdom traditions for the last 15 years of my life.

I've not only overcome severe depression and anxiety, but am living a vibrant, pleasure-filled, joy-filled life.

I call this my Technicolor Life.  After being lost in the depths of darkness, lost to who I was, disconnected from my body, my pleasure, and at the whim of an undisciplined, narrative-filled mind, I found a way out.

Now it is my greatest joy and deepest honor to be able to serve others in finding their own way out.

Liberation puts the power back in your hands.

YOU have the power to heal yourself.  I am merely a guide along your journey.


Liberation Through Mind

Learn the very best scientific techniques and ancient methods for freeing your mind from the daily strife of life.  In this 10 session program you will be given the tools to calm a busy mind and work through any emotionally challenging situation. 

Liberation Through Body

If you're ready to reconnect with your body, your pleasure, and your power then this 10 session program is for you.  We will explore your desires, your goals, and what is holding you back from the birthright of experiencing your own aliveness!


what people are saying

"Carisa brings a lot of value to our sessions, a different perspective and view of the world. In a way that has started to shape the way I see, walk, and think about the world and myself as I navigate through it."

-Heather Haas (Bladesmith) |

"I found Carisa at a very transformative time in my life and it couldn’t have been more harmonious. She has a real and beautiful gift for holding the space for others to discover and heal themselves from within as well as giving them the tools to do so. This meditation program has had a tremendous impact on my happiness and well being. I have found my peace again when before I had strayed far from it and was having a hard time. I’m proud of myself for reaching out for help and Carisa was there to answer my call. She is a spiritual angel in my journey and for that I am eternally grateful. I now am confident that I can handle any struggle that comes my way and my new mission is to spread the gift of mediation and mindfulness to anyone who wants to receive it. She has taught me to trust the process and it is everything. Thank you.

-Lauren Chriceol (Massage Therapist) |


"Carisa has a true gift! She is a wise soul who has much to offer to the world around her - and to individuals looking to heal their lives, grow in spiritual awareness and become more deeply connected to their soul’s true purpose. I know from experience her energy clearings have a profound impact — the shift is immediate! I highly recommend Carisa."

-Ruth K

"Working with Carisa has been eye opening on how to learn to accept all my emotions as they come instead of suppressing them and punishing myself for having moments I considered weak. She is so honest and open and offers constant support without judgement. I've never felt so comfortable talking to someone about an issue I am having because I know she genuinely cares and offers such an open and loving space. She understands what it is to be human which helps you accept yourself in any and every situation."

-Ashton F.



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