This week we will practice putting the mind "on-task" by moving into Mindfulness Level A. In this level of mindfulness we practice present moment non-judgemental awareness by labeling the experience around us.

Some of the meditations you will be asked to use a candle flame or an object to focus on for meditation circuit training. This type of mindfulness goes through periods of focusing on an object like a candle flame with periods of rest to train your attention and your focus.

There are a few versions that are different lengths for this meditation circuit training.

Daily Practice

Throughout your day pick something to focus on intensely for a few breaths, allowing all thoughts to drop out of your mind and labeling whatever it is you are seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling.

Do this especially when you are off in negative ruminating, triggered, or angry.

Mindful Breathing - Mindfulness
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4 Senses - Mindfulness
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5 Senses With Candle - Mindfulness
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5 Senses - Mindfulness
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Circuit Training - Shortest Version
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