Your body is your house.  Learn to create a sound structure and then learn to keep it clean.

Yoga For Vitality and Longevity


When people think of yoga we often think of 30 people crammed in a class flowing to loud music. What I offer goes beyond the yoga that most of us know.

The premise of the type of yoga I teach is all about viewing your body as a house.  Your house needs sound walls and a roof.  If one of the walls in your house is leaning, then the entire structure of your house is off.

If the structure of your house is off then the contents inside of your house cannot be safe or well organized. 

I look to make sure your body is in correct structure so that your organs (lungs, kidneys, liver, etc) and your glands (thymus, thyroid, etc) are functioning to their highest efficiency.

The How

This yoga is focused heavily on assists and the teacher putting the student in specific poses and then manipulating his/her body to ensure proper structure as mentioned above.

The practice is facilitated by the teacher with the use of props - chairs, poles, blankets, straps, blocks, sandbags, and sometimes another teacher.  This is NOT restorative yoga, although most poses once properly aligned achieve a sense of freedom for the practitioner.

I work with athletes to achieve alignment and increase range of motion for their sport.  I work with those with body aches and pain.  I work with all ages and I don't shy away from those with injuries.

All bodies and minds can benefit from this type of yoga.

Services Offered

  • Private Sessions

  • Group Classes at Your Home


Private sessions are $60/hr​​

Practice Online

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